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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

cccxii - designer fashion?

So at the store today I was reading a magazine (shop til you drop) while waiting in the queue - and while I was flicking through one of the fashion layouts I came across a pair of knit cable hotpants...

just like these - but in an off white/ cream colour

These pics are from the Shakuhachi spring/summer show (photo courtesy of the Grazia website) - and looking at the picture in the magazine they seem to be made out of cotton. The first thing that came to mind...

saggy butt!

...and it's only $130 for the privilege. Reckon we'll see them in the next VK S/S?

However - trolling through all the other pictures from the Shakuhachi show I turned up this dress. Too bad that ugly tie-dyed rag is covering it up - I think it's actually quite pretty. It seems to be the same cable pattern as on the shorts.