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Friday, July 11, 2008

Sad Mac

Well... I'll hear back about my poor little macbook by next wednesday. It will cost me just shy of $70 for the technicians to look at it, and then I'll get a quote. I'm thinking that any money I may have found for the bendigo weekend will end up funding electronic repairs (if I haven't completely fugged my computer, which I am hoping I haven't because I can't afford to buy a new one :(

I have spent the last couple of days feeling incredibly ill and nauseous and wanting to die because I was so stupid to give my little mac a soft drink bath (yes, it was an accident, but I still feel I should have prevented it). Last night I either let the stress of the situation get to me, or got an isolated case of food poisoning / gastro because I spent a fair bit of time with my face hovering over the loo while I lost my dinner. The night before that I couldn't sleep because I kept reliving the moment of coke going all the way through my computer and it flooding out of the base of the computer when I took the battery out. 

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that 1- it is fixable and 2- it doesn't cost too much, and 3- I haven't lost anything off the hard drive (cos I am not sure if I set up the time machine correctly to back up data.) 

I'll only be online sporadically when I can steal internets time from other people until I sort out my mac.



Emily Jane said...

That is thoroughly crappy, hon. I hope it's fixable, and afforably so. *sympathy hugs*

kathy.reid said...

Hey Meg, that sucks. Don't take any sh!t from the techos though. What normally happens in these situations is that the keyboard gets fried. This should be a replaceable unit on a MacBook.

Double check whatever the techos are saying by cross checking on the Apple Tech Info Library;