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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RIP macbook

tis official. I truly did murder my mac.

I got the call at the end of last week.... and basically its screwed. We start at 1800 bucks for the motherboard. 1800! The whole unit didn't even cost that much!

Of course, warrenty and insurance don't cover this. To quote the YarnHarlot - I am now the owner of a lovely white BRICK! Oh.. at least it is a relatively new expensive brick, being brand bloody new in March...

I am currently using my old, dying PC notebook which I thought I had replaced with the mac. The fan doesn't work, so I get perhaps half an hour tops at a time on this poor thing - when I sit it on icepacks to help with cooling. Lets not even think about the fact that all my adobe programs (ie Photoshop, illustrator, acrobat*) are all useless on this beast. (and lets not go into the details about how long it takes just downloading the photos from my memory card, let alone the roadblock it has managed to put in my study!)

I cannot afford the repairs.
I cannot afford a new mac.
And being a student on k-rudd's surf team** I do not qualify for any sort of finace or rental scheme (which really is a last resort as you end up paying double for your computer.)

The good news is, that they managed to save my harddrive... so now I just need a machine to put it into.

If anyone out there would like to give me a poor gal a hand to get back to the macness, there are a couple of ways to do so...

If you have ever popped over to and had something take your fancy and not bought it, please consider doing so now - because my mac was rather integral to being able to efficiently run my store all earnings from there will be going into my new project Operation MacBack.

Also - if you want to just give me some money out of the kindness of your heart, I have added a paypal donate button to the top of the sidebar. If anyone does actually help raise funds this way I will dig away in the stash to find some good stuff to give away as a way of saying thankyou.

Anyway- this computer is now having trouble processing my typing at anything but glacial speed, so I will hit publish this post... My time online will be sporatic until I have resolved this problem... excuse me while I go weep over my inanimate macbook.

*the lack of acrobat is why some patterns I promised have been delayed...
**ie - centrelink payments


Lara said...

Can you send me the repair quote? I have friends in low places that might be able to help out.