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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All Enrolled

So today I finally made it up to RMIT and I am now all sorted for my enrollment in Diploma in Arts: Studio Textiles and Design. My electives for first semester are Knitting and Tapestry, and second semester will be Weaving and Printing.

It's a rather full on course - I start on the 11th Feb, less than two weeks away. I get to do fun courses like colour theory, Drawing, Design Principles and Elements, Fibre, yarns and fabrics, and Photography.

Now I just need to chase up some arty materials so I'll be ready to go!


Lara said...


SallyO said...

Lucky you! Have fun. I think we're all a bit jealous.

Gillian (Leafygal) said...

I did Drawing, design principles and Elements etc when I did Interior Design at Sydney Inst of Tech.
You'll have lots of fun and probably lots of late nights finishing assignments if I remember rightly!!
Do you need a drafting/drawing table I have a table top one going cheap!

Jejune said...

Oh fantastic! Yeah, those courses can be pretty intense, but also a great deal of fun :) You'll be learning so many cool things, all the stuff we'd like to be studying too! We'll just have to experience it vicariously through you ;)