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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fight the black dog #6

I have to admit I have had a lot going on in my life in the past month... have you missed me???

Thanks for those of you who have been hanging around while I had a little blog-hiatus. All I can say is that it was an absence more because I was feeling happy than down - the short version is I gots me a new job in a yarn shop (yay!) and I have been busy getting a fashion / knitting design portfolio together to apply for a course, oh, and a new man (who is actually an old friend) . If you know relationships you'll understand that while this is new, I may be a little distracted of late (though I have still been getting some knitting done - hopefully I find some blog-time sometime this week!)

Welcome to everybody who found me via Dave's wonderful article in - I didn't know the article was being written, but have communicated with Dave since to thank him for helping with the exposure to my campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues ( - and a sidenote, I also let him in on the big secret that Pierre is not me, but my dog, and I am *gasp* a gal :) Those of you who have not seen the article can find it here.
I have had an overwhelming response to that article - it seems to have hit home for a lot of people, and will be sharing the stories sent in to me over the coming editions of "Fight the Black Dog" - however, I will be making a few changes to this newsletter.

First and foremost - I will not be trying to push out an issue every week. As you can probably tell, I am having trouble sticking to this timetable. As much as I want to create awareness for mental illness, I find that each edition I write sucks a little of my blogging energy out - I want to continue to enjoy this process, and rather than placing demands on myself that I know I can't keep, I will be making the first Friday of every month a designated "Black Dog" Day. Hopefully then, even if it takes a couple of days of blogging out of me, I will still have three weeks to get some knitting content up- after all, this is primarily a knitting-blog!

Secondly - I have been trying to get as much medical information out about depression as I could. This is something that I would really like to do, but really I am uncomfortable doing as I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, pharmacist or someone who works in any kind of mental health organisation. I do not want to be personally responsible for someone getting misleading information and incorrect treatment because of something I tried to pass of as fact here. I will continue to talk about what works for me, and sharing other peoples stories so you may get some ideas of how to manage your own mental health from this, but I will not be passing on anything I am unfamiliar with - and I will try to provide some appropriate links, but I won't be going into any details about things such as medications.

I'll be back with another "Fight the Black Dog" the first Friday in October. Til then, I hope to get some knitting up - I have a whole bunch of FOs to share with y'all!


Taphophile said...

So glad to see you back and with such wonderful news!!!

2paw said...

Congratulations all round it is then!!!!!

Lynne said...

You live!. You should go visit - she has a constant wrangle with the black dog too. She's in Melbourne, not so far from Geelong ways.

Lynne said...

A job in a yarn shop - a kntters' dream. Congratulations and congratulations on the new relationship; hope it goes well for you, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I am a psychiatric nurse (RN). I have worked in the mental health field in various setting for 10 years, if I can help at all with any questions I would be glad to. I find that if people find out what I do they have stories of their own or a loved ones that they have been keeping inside and think no one will understand. Thanks for being able to get the word out.

Charley said...

Congrats Meg on all the new news. Glad to hear you are knitting squarely (hint hint). I love your tiny sock.